Abstracts / Posters


The poster size should be no larger than 44.1 by 44.1 inch (112 by 112 cm). Push pins will be provided.


We accept submissions on any topic related to methods and applications of structural or functional brain connectivity, including:

  • studies using healthy subjects, patients, or animal models
  • studies of method development (acquisition, modeling, analysis, network science, machine learning, deep learning)
  • studies of mechanisms
  • cognitive neuroscience studies
  • studies focusing on a disease/condition

For studies that make use of data, we accept submissions using a variety of data types, including resting-state, task state, continuous task (e.g. movies), fMRI, Diffusion MRI, MEG, EEG, NIRS, brain stimulation and invasive measurements.

All submissions will be presented in poster sessions. Selected submissions will be presented as short talks.

For specific inquiries on themes of abstract submission, please email amir.shmuel@mcgill.ca

Abstract submission is now open, here.